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Velda Physio

Ergonomic comfort with optimal ventilation! Velda's latest concept offers you the latest technologies; unique comfort layers, 100% pocket spring technology and ventilating 3D textile with non-skid profiling! Know in advance how much you pay regardless of the choices you make: hun-dreds of variations, one price. Assemble your personal Velda Physio bed in six easy steps.

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Velda Physio

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  • Velda Physio
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  • Your Velda Physio in 6 steps!
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  • Velda Physio

    Ergonomical comfort with optimal ventilation

    Ideal comfort is achieved by a perfect ergonomic support, both for side as back sleepers. Velda Physio ensures it by its unique Physiospring® pocket spring core in the mattress and the 100% pocket spring in the corresponding Velda Physio box; both offer 7 comfort zones.


    Finishing with ventilating 3D textile promotes and ensures the optimal ventilation of your bed.



  • Mattress

    Velda Physio mattresses combine the Physiospring® pocket spring core with comfort layers in visco elastic memory foam, superior Pulse® latex or extra durable HD50 foam. Each mattress is available in three different comfort ratings: soft, medium or firm.

    The basis: seven comfort zones, three wire gauges

    Each Velda Physio mattress is using a Physiospring® pocketspring core: a unique seven comfort zone core including 375 springs per m2 and composed of springs with three different wire gauges.



    For you, it means even better ergonomic body support and higher sleeping comfort. In combination with the corresponding Velda Physio box you enjoy integral 7 comfort zones with 640 pocketsprings  per m2.

    Superior comfort layer

    In addition to the Physiospring® 7 zoned core, comfort layers in memory foam, revolutionary Pulse® latex or durable polyurethane foam are available for a unique sleeping experience.


    Visco or memory foam adjusts the firmness and the support provided by the mattress according to the body weight and the ambient temperature. It keeps the spine in its natural position and offers the best possible support to sensitive parts of the body through pressure reduction. This comfortable support relaxes the muscles and improves blood circulation.


    Pulse® latex offers a unique cell structure thanks to its microwave Sonocore® production process that builts up the latex core from the inside to the outside. This results in an exceptionally sleeping comfort and is highly durable. Moreover, this is the most ecological process on the latex market.



    The extremely durable High Density 50 polyurethane foam has an elevated density which benefits the ergonomic comfort.

    Optimal support

    The Velda Physio deco combinations offer additional comfort thanks to the core of the Physio toppers in memory foam, Pulse® latex or HD50 comfort foam. 


    The Velda Physio mattresses have Premium covers; removable by a zipper and finished with ventilating 3D Aerotec® fabric.


    The deco mattress is very breathable thanks to its extremely ventilating 3D Aerotec® textile. Finishing with a non skid profiling provides that mattress topper and deco mattress don't move during sleep nor glide during adjusting the bed. This way perfect support is always assured.



  • Boxspring

    Hand made

    Velda Physio is manufactured by our craftsmen in our workshops in Belgium. It is available in a fixed or electrical adjustable version. 

    Velda Physio

    An interior 100% pocket sprung, extremely durable. The springs have no foam framework and provide unprecedented ventilation and suspension of the base.



    Velda Physio - electrical adjustable

    The Velda Physio electrically adjustable version is standard equipped with the patented E-Functional mechanism: an extremely comfortable system for adjusting your bed. 


    When adjusting the base, the foot and backrest components continuously realign with each other so that the most comfortable body support is offered.

    The E-Functional® mechanism offers relaxing sitting comfort.


    Your Velda Physio boxspring is perfectly ventilating thanks to the finish with 3D Aerotec® textile. The non skid profiling provides that mattress and bottom don't move during the sleep nor glide while adjusting the bed, offering perfect support at all times!



  • Headboard 

    Each headboard in the Velda Physio collection is available in a wide range of colors from the Velda Physio fabric collection.




  • Your Velda Physio in 6 steps!

    Ready? Start!

    With its Physio collection, Velda makes it even easier for you: in 6 simple steps, you can assemble a high-quality Velda Physio boxspring which integrates seamlessly into your bedroom, and is tailor-made to suit your body. 

    Step 1. Flat or electrically adjustable

    Select a flat or electrically adjustable, always pocket sprung based.



    Step 2. Two or three layers

    Choose between a classic line up boxspring + mattress (2C) - or are you a fan of ‘Scandinavian sleeping’: boxspring + deco mattress + mattress topper (3C).


    In case of a 2C combination, you have a choice of a mattress with comfort layers in durable HD50-foam or -at surcharge- the unique Pulse® latex or memory foam. 


    In case of a 3C combination the deco mattress offers a comfort layer in durable HD50 foam. The Interior of the mattress topper can be chosen out of standard HD50 foam or -at surcharge- the unique Pulse® latex or memory foam. 



    Step 3. Select the dimensions of your boxspring

    Select the size of your bed : in width and length.

    140, 160 or 180 cm wide, 2 m long, or would you rather have 2m10?



    Step 4. Select the headboard

    Select one of the standard Physio models. Determine whether your headboard should match or be bigger than your bed.




    Step 5. Select fabric or Leather look

    Select your personalised boxspring from more than 15 different fabrics and 10 different leather looks.




    Step 6. Select the legs

    Would you prefer chrome or aluminium legs?

    4 feet under every bed part, or rather have just one leg at every corner? You decide!



  • Options

    Personalized finishing

    In order to finish your personal Velda boxspring, the Velda Physio range offers you the following options:

    Extra comfort 

    The standard length of your Velda Physio boxspring can be chosen up to 220 cm.

    Additional choice, thanks to Smart and Diamond headboards.


    The Velda Physio boxspring can be finished into a 1-piece bed thanks to the box cover. 


    Velda Physio also offers you accessories such as night tables and a foot rest.


    These options can be supplied at extra cost.


    Ask your Velda Physio specialist for advice.

    He will be happy to help you make your choices, and will assist you with professional advice.


  • Available sizes

    Velda Physio is available in:


    Satisfied with your choice? Then contact a Velda sleep specialist in your area immediately.