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Velda Metropolitan

Scandinavian sleeping comfort at its best, in four boxspring combinations with top-per, specially assembled for you.

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Velda Metropolitan

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  • Velda Metropolitan

    Sleeping in a marvelous boxspring

    Your Velda Metropolitan sleeping system guarantees you a blissful night’s sleep in a boxspring masterpiece. The combination of bed base, mattress and topper provides perfect support for your body.


    Technological wonder

    The structure of the Velda Metropolitan combines the latest developments in pocket springs and foam technology. The result is a flat or adjustable version that offers you the ideal solution for a healthy night’s sleep!

  • Topper 

    Scandinavian sleeping

    Typical of ‘Scandinavian sleeping’ is the ‘topper’. This thin mattress enhances the effect of the underlying mattress ; its elasticity enables it to seamlessly mould itself according to the contours of the body, therefor supporting it better in any position.


    Depending on the version, the cores of your Velda Metropolitan topper consist of 5 cm of high-quality Talalay latex, Innergetic® latex, Climalatex or Visco memory foam.

    Protection against bacteria and dust mites

    The cover of the toppers have ventilated sides in 3D Aerotec textile and are removable by a 4-sided zipper. They are machine washable to ensure perfect hygiene. The cover of the toppers of the Velda Metropolitan Excellence, Grande and Palais versions also offer a Aegis Premium® or Aegis® finish, which permanently protects it against bacteria and dust mites. Finally, the Excellence-topper can also be supplied with a luxurious cashmere cover.


  • Mattress

    The heart of your Velda Metropolitan sleeping system

    The deco pocket-spring mattresses are the heart of your Velda Metropolitan sleeping system. The various versions - Excellence, Grande, Palais and Superior – offer tailor-made support to every sleeper.


    High-tech spring mattress

    Each Velda Metropolitan mattress has a 7-zone pocket-spring core with a soft shoulder zone and a firmer zone to provide good support to the lower back.


    The thermally-hardened springs are individually packed into pockets, and can be supplied in a Standard or a Firmer version. Velda Metropolitan also offers you the unique option of combining Standard and Firmer comfort in one single mattress.


    Superior comfort layer

    A comfort layer on and under the pocket spring core refines the support for your body. Depending on the type of mattress, this comfort layer is made in Talalay latex, Innergetic® latex, Climalatex or HR foam.


    Your Velda Metropolitan mattress is covered with the same upholstered fashion fabric as the boxspring. The finishing ensures perfect ventilation at the top and at the bottom side due to the 3D Aerotec® ventilation textile.



  • Boxspring

    The perfect combination

    The Velda Metropolitan boxspring has a core in Bonnell innerspring or 7-zone pocket-springs that perfectly integrate with the topper and the deco mattress. Ask your Velda Metropolitan sleep specialist about the extensive range of Metropolitan fabrics.


    Technological finishing

    The boxspring is also finished with 3D Aerotec® ventilation textile that ensures perfect ventilation. An anti-slip treatment of this fabric also ensures that the mattress remains in place.


    Electrically adjustable

    Apart from a flat version, the Velda Metropolitan is also available in an electrically adjustable version. The patented E-Functional® system allows you unlimited options to adjust your bed, and is also exceptionally comfortable. The adjustments can be made with wireless controls.



    Find here a Velda Metropolitan sleepspecialist in your neighborhood.

  • Headboards

    Determine the width of your headboard yourself

    Velda Metropolitan offers various headboards according to the ‘Size To Fit’ principle: the headboard width you choose may differ from the width of the boxspring.


    Ask your Velda Metropolitan sleep specialist about the extensive range of Metropolitan fabrircs.


  • Aegis Premium

    Lasting hygienic and fresh sleeping comfort

    Aegis Premium is a high-tech coating that coats the fibres of the mattress fabric and of the comfort layer as well. Micro-organisms (bacteria and fungi) that come into contact with this coating cannot grow further.


    Aegis Premium is a high-quality brand for high-tech mattresses, with covers and underlying comfort layers with the following characteristics: anti-microbial, anti-dust mite, moisture regulation.

    Optimal protection against dust mites and micro-organisms

    Aegis Premium also creates an environment in which the dust mites cannot grow further. The dust mites require micro-organisms in its food cycle. Its excrement causes 25% of all allergies and 50% of all asthmatic diseases.


    Aegis Premium disrupts the growth of bacteria and fungi that are the most significant cause of bad odours in your sleeping comfort.


    Optimum moisture regulation

    For thermal comfort, it is also important that moisture is removed rapidly, because you quickly lose body heat to a damp environment.


    The mattress ticking has a Passerelle coating, and the topmost layer of the comfort padding consists of Climawatt fibres. This exceptional combination of mattress cover and comfort padding ensures excellent moisture absorption and rapid diffusion of the moisture over a larger surface of the mattress. The transported moisture can therefore evaporate more quickly and efficiently.


    Lasting luxurious feeling

    Aegis Premium was developed using sustainable eco-technologies and consists of an ultra-fine coating that is permanently attached to the surface of the fibres of the mattress cover and the comfort layer. The microclimate remains pleasant during your princely sleep.


  • Available sizes

    The Velda Metropolitan is available in flat as well as adjustable versions, in the following dimensions: 



    Satisfied with your choice? Then contact a  Velda Metropolitan sleep specialist in your area immediately.