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Velda Classic

Your handcrafted boxspring with trendsetting innovations. From superior ergonomics to washable wool.

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Velda Classic

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  • Mattress

    A story of springs

    The mattresses of the Velda Classic collection are distinguished by the differences in their interiors and the finishing of their covers. They combine one or more pocket-spring layers with comfort layers in superior latex or quality foam. The mattresses are available in three different hardness levels: soft, medium or firm.


    The Base: 7 comfort zones, 3 wire thicknesses

    Each Velda Classic pocket-spring core has 7 comfortzones with 375 springs per m2 as a basic feature. It is composed of springs with three different wire thicknesses.


    For you, this means an even better ergonomic support for your body, and greater sleeping comfort.


    Superior comfort layer

    In addition to the unique Classic 7 comfort zone core, comfort layers in revolutionary Pulse® latex or durable polyurethane foam ensure a unique experience.


    Pulse® latex acquires a unique cell structure due to its microwave production process that produces inside-outward structuring. This results in a unique sleeping comfort and a long life. In addition, it is the most ecological process in the latex market.


    Optimal support

    The Emperor and the Grand Duc mattresses have extra layers of small Posturfil® pocket-springs on top of the standard Classic 7 zoned pocket-spring core. These small Posturfil® pocket-springs are housed in an elastic, breathable membrane that enables them to move with your body in all directions.


    The Velda Classic deco combinations also offer additional comfort, thanks to the interior of the related toppers in Pulse® latex, Innergetic® Latex or Visco memory foam.



    Your Velda Classic mattress is available in three finishes: Classic, Deluxe or Premium.


    The Classic finishing offers you an external tufted mattress with high quality Belgian Damask, according to traditional techniques.


    The Deluxe finishing offers a removable cover. Thanks to its unique washable wool, this cover can be washed without any problems up to 40°C.


    The Premium finishing also offers a removable cover which is washable up to 60°C. This finishing also offers the Aegis Premium® protection.


  • Boxspring

    Handcrafted manufacturing

    Like the mattresses, the Velda Classic boxsprings are also handcrafted in our own workshops in Belgium. The boxspring is available in flat or electrically adjustable versions.


    Velda Classic - flat

    Velda Classic boxsprings offer you the choice between a base with a pocket-spring interior, or a slightly stronger variant with Bonnell springs.


    Velda Classic - electrically adjustable

    The electrically adjustable versions are equipped with the patented E-Functional® mechanism : an extremely comfortable system for adjusting your bed.


    When adjusting the base, the foot and backrest components continuously realign with each other so that the most comfortable body support is offered.

    The E-Functional® mechanism offers relaxing sitting comfort.


    The sleeping system is available in two-, three-, or four-motor versions.


  • Headboard

    From classic to contemporary

    The Velda Classic collection offers a wide choice of headboards, from classic to contemporary. Click on the adjacent image for a list of the Velda Classic headboards.  


    Each headboard can be supplied in a wide variety of colours from the Velda Classic fabric collection. The height of the headboards varies from 80 to 127 cm. The width can extend to 220 cm.


  • Available sizes

    Velda Classic is available in:



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