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Finesse lives up to its name! Look, admire & be surprised. Finesse announces sleeping comfort generation 5.0. Finesse stands for exceptionally refined design & smart technology. A delight for the eye, a blessing for body & spirit. A State of the Art design & well-feeling!

  • Finesse
  • Finesse Fine Fleur 4RSM
  • Finesse de Luxe 2RSM
  • Finesse Comfort 2RP
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  • Finesse
  • Finesse

    Spacious & clean lines

    With it design feet, the Finesse seems to float above the ground. Even at the head end the floor is free. The bedside tables too. You see the floor, the light shines freely; it gives a transparent image, a spacious feel.

    Solid as a rock!

    Finesse owes its sophisticated looks to his high-tech construction. Everything is fixed to metal. You might look under the bed. ... The motors anchored within the frame. No hinges, but robust profiles. Finesse is a powerful example of stability & durability. Put on your socks and shoes and stand on the edge of the lifted foot end; Finesse remains motionless on his slender legs. 



    You can tailor make Finesse and follow the rhythm of your heart. The headboard, the side tables and the boxspring are beautifully upholstered. Upholstering feet and frame is a matter of click & select or design. The metal you can cover with a 3D, upholstered decorative accessory: upholster the legs and the trim in between the legs with stylish options.

    Finesse bedside tables are available in 2 versions:

    • a gliding version; this side table runs on a rail underneath the frame.
    • a fixed version including an upholstered drawer. This bedside table is attached to the frame.


    Ergonomic sleeping comfort

    Finesse combines design and comfort. The ultra fine boxspring is filled with mini-pocket springs: 5 cm high, 500 pieces per m². Your body is super ergonomically supported!



    Finesse is VIV-labelled: Vertical Integrated Ventilation. Ventilation is the condition for a healthy sleep climate. The reason why Finesse is at the top, it is finished with a breathable 3D fabric. The wooden bottom plate inside the base has ventilation holes in strategic places. The holes are neatly finished with a matching coverplate. This way air can flow freely from top to bottom assuring a 100% vertical ventilation. Finesse offers you a guaranteed vertical fresh sleeping climate.


    Soft like a whisper

    Finesse is available in a flat or in various adjustable versions. No lack of options. Whatever you choose, the mechanism is always hidden. The motors and transformers are fitted tightly within the metal frame, the cables are attached through a cable management system. And listen ... Indeed. You hear nothing! Bearings, plastic, make sure that the sound is muted. Finesse puts your bed to its position in whispermode. 



    The adjustable Finesse bases can offer you multiple functions: from personalized adjustability to vibrating massage. Synchro adjustment of both bed sides, Anti Snore & Gravity Zero functions, flashlight and floorlight, everything at hand and well explained in our Finesse brochure.



    Ask your Velda sleep specialist for advice. He will be happy to help you make your choices, and will assist you with professional advice.