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Velda combines 60 years of experience and know-how with the most advanced sleep comfort technologies. No matter which Velda mattress you choose, Velda of-fers a superior price-quality guarantee.


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  • Bodyprint®

    Ultimate innovation in healthy sleep!

    A formula specifically developed to create optimum sleep climate and perfect comfort.

    Indicators which explain the excellent features of Bodyprint®:


    moisture regulation - warmth control - pressure relief - elasticity


    Innovation you feel!

    Every day, everyone needs a restful sleep.

    To feel relaxed everything has to be right; the room climate and temperature; the comfort of your mattress.


    Experience the Bodyprint® mattress range;  to sleep in a fresh environment with a personalized comfort and body support like never before.


    Bodyprint® offers a mattress range where new and old technologies meet. All mattresses offer a comfort layer in Bodyprint® Fresh in combination with supporting layers in Bodyprint Memory or high density HR foams with assuring progressive comfort.


    Bodyprint®: revolutionary pressure relief formula and a superior support system offering the exact mixture of body support and sleeping comfort needed. It helps you to improve your blood circulation and muscular relaxation to start a fresh new day.


    Bodyprint® improves your body movements while sleeping; changing sleeping position becomes very easy and will no longer disturb your sleep. You will feel the difference!


    With perfect costumer satisfaction claiming they have never slept better, people love sleeping on Bodyprint.


    The Bodyprint® team

    Our mission and passion is to make the very best health mattress available to everyone.

    Special pressure relief testing equipment allowed us to study in detail the human body. It allowed us to offer anatomic zone cuttings to eliminate pressure points giving you the total body support where you need it.  The extra soft shoulder zone and the lumbar support correct your spinal alignment.


    Bodyprint® inside

    Bodyprint®: first class pressure relief

    The ability to remove pressure points.

    Bodyprint® foam offers ideal pressure relief. The cell structure is extremely open and fully inhomogeneous. This results in perfect scores in pressure distribution tests especially in comparison to other visco or HR alternatives.




    Bodyprintv: ideal warmth control

    The ability to control warmth.

    The ventilation capacity of a foam is always assessed on how well body warmth is taken up and dissipated.

    Bodyprint® foam offers a really open cell structure. It absorbs significantly less heath than other foams and distributes warmth more even over of the entire core. This way a fresher sleeping environment is created which results in a more comfortable sleep.




    Bodyprint®: best moisture regulation

    The ability to regulate the sleeping climate.

    Bodyprint® foam is extremely open-celled and hydrophilic at the same time; it can absorb almost 4 times more moisture than conventional foam. In this way it prevents moisture accumulation and guarantees dryness in the mattress core. Moreover the air permeability is significantly higher than with alternative materials.




    Bodyprint®: high elasticity

    Elasticity: indicator of the quality of the foam.

    Bodyprint® foam offers better rebound resilience values than other foams. The open cell structure has an excellent stability for a stable sleeping comfort. Even with heavier use, there is no cell cracking which makes Bodyprint an extreme and durable quality product.




    Bodyprint® outside

    Bodyprint®: ultimate innovation in healthy sleep!

    Unique Bodyprint® cores need a special cover to guarantee you can benefit at maximum all its features. This is why the Bodyprint® cover is non quilted and anti-allergic. It is removable and washable at maximum 60°C.


    At sleeping side a very elastic double jersey with a surface in Tencel quality;  at the border and supporting side the extreme ventilating 3D Aerotec textile for optimal hygiene. Moreover the fabric is finished with the Somni-Fresh® treatment; ideal moisture management of the fabric. 


    Bodyprint® cover: a turbo force in moisture absorption

    Tencel is a natural lyocell fiber made out of cellulose, extracted from wood. It has a unique fibril structure. Fibrils (extremely small hairs) are the tiniest components which make up the fiber. Submicroscopic channels between the individual fibrils regulate absorption and release of moisture. Thus, these tiny fibrils assure the optimum transportation of moisture. 


    Bodyprint® cover: eco-friendly

    Lyocell is produced via an advanced spinning process with minimal impact on the environment and economical use of energy and water. It is eco-friendly since products made from it can be recycled and lyocell is biodegradable because it is a cellulosic fiber.


    Bodyprint® cover: totally natural hygiene

    Bacteria do not stand a chance with Tencel. The perfect moisture management is responsible for the reduced bacteria growth. Moisture is immediately transported into the inside of the fiber. Thus, no moisture film, which can sustain bacterial growth, form on the fiber. In synthetic fibers, the number of bacteria can be increased by up to 2000 times the value measured with Tencel quality.


    Bodyprint® cover: geat stretch offering high comfort and smooth gentleness

    The Bodyprint® fabric is very elastic and a perfect match to the Bodyprint® cores with anatomic cuttings. It is the complement to the high comfortable cores and will assure a relaxing sleep. Moreover, due to the smooth structure of the Tencel fiber, the fabric is particularly silky and gently on the skin, offering a soft feel.


    Somni-Fresh®: ideal moisture management !

    Somni-Fresh® is a special treatment of the double jersey fabric

    which allows an improved moisture transport.


    Good moisture transport means a better distribution of the moisture on the surface and within the fabric. In combination with a Tencel® quality fabric, with its excellent moisture storage capacity, the evaporation performance of the textile increases and it dries much quicker. This is advantageous for hygienic reasons; the drying process is accelerated and a pleasant cool effect arises.




    In combination with the Bodyprint® Fresh comfort layers, Somni-Fresh® offers the ideal moisture management and a cool sleeping sensation!



    Bodyprint® cover: ventilation assured !

    Optimal ventilation of the mattress is assured thanks to the 3D Aerotec textile used in the border and the supporting side of the mattress.

    This technical fabric promotes air flow in and around the core with each body movement . Air flow ventilates a mattress and helps the mattress dry. The 3D Aerotec finishing promotes a healthy sleeping environment.


    Bodyprint® pillow

    The Bodyprint® pillow is designed to enhance the Bodyprint experience

    Bodyprint® pillows adapt perfectly to the neck and head.

    They are soft and comfortable offering the support needed.

    The special design of the pillow is perfectly lined up with the extra soft shoulder zone of the mattresses.


    The Bodyprint® pillow is available in different versions:


    Bodyprint® Fresh: Small / Medium / Large


    Bodyprint® Memory pillows: Small / Medium / Large


    The Bodyprint® pillows are finished in the same Bodyprint® Tencel fabric including the Somni-Fresh® treatment. Ideal moisture management and total natural hygiene!


    Ask your Velda sleep specialist for advice. He will be happy to help you make your choices, and will assist you with professional advice.  


  • Gelfresh®


    Perfect harmony between comfort and support.

    Gelfresh® offers you the cooling freshness of water, the resilience of natural materials ... a harmony between comfort and support.


    Gelfresh® is a symbiosis of two unique technologies: a super comfortable top layer in Gelfresh® with corresponding layer in PULSE® Latex. These comfortlayers are supported with a Physiospring® pocket spring core or a core in the unique Innergetic® latex.  

    Symbiosis of technologies

    Gelfresh® presents an intelligent construction of different materials. A top layer in very breathable BLUE FRESH or MAGENTA FRESH and a support layer in resilient Sonocore Pulse® Latex on natural basis. 

    Very comfortable, fresh and ventilating

    Gelfresh® breathes freshness and is perfect ventilating thanks to the exceptional quality of the materials used. The mattresses are not heat sensitive and extremely durable. In standard BLUE FRESH quality for normal comfort or soft MAGENTA FRESH for ultimate conformance to everyone's body. 








    Combination with Physiospring® or Innergetic®

    An exceptional superstructure requires a custom basis: either the unique Physiospring® pocket spring for permanent ventilation either Innergetic® latex for perfect resilience on natural basis, both with 7 supporting comfort zones.





    The Gelfresh® cover: refreshing anti allergenic finishing

    The Gelfresh® Cooltec cover is refreshing and perfectly complementary to the  Gelfresh® mattress core.


    Thanks to PCM (Phase Changing materiels) technology the fabric absorbs body heat during sleep to remit during fresher moments; during sleep or during the day. This process of storing and dispensing heat is possible by PCM microcapsules in the fabric, it avoids heat accumulation during sleep.

    The Gelfresh® cover: elastic and maximum ventilation

    The Cooltec fabric is extremely elastic in all directions. It promotes a perfect adaptation of the mattress to the body.

    The cover is finished with 3D Aerotec® textile for maximum ventilation.


    Gelfresh®, perfect harmony between comfort and support.
















    Ask your Velda sleep specialist for advice. He will be happy to help you make your choices, and will assist you with professional advice. 



  • Cellspring®

    The best of both worlds

    The ideal bedroom temperature is 18 degrees Celsius. But that alone is not enough.

    On average, we lose about half a liter of transpiration per night which needs to be fast and well drained. Reason why a mattress should offer excellent ventilating and moisture regulating properties.

    Everybody turns 35 to 40 times a night. It explains why good body support in any sleeping position during the whole night is required.

    Minimizing disturbing sounds or noises also contributes to a good night's sleep. Nothing so annoying than cracking or squeaking sounds as a result of turning which influence the quality of your sleep.


    For these reasons we have developed Cellspring® mattresses.


    Cellspring® has optimum ventilating properties by VIV®

    Cellspring® mattresses all have an intelligent Vertical and Integral Ventilation System. Hundreds of ventilation channels go from top to bottom throughout the mattress core. Thes ventilating channels and the many turns people do during their sleep activate effective air and ventilation flows.


    Cellspring® provides a dry and pleasant sleeping climate with excellent moisture regulation. The combination of open celled foam and hundreds of ventilation channels in the mattress core, assures that body moisture is quickly drained out of the mattress and ceded to the outside air.



    Cellspring® mattress covers are made in Airvent® fabric; a unique knitted fabric integrating hundreds of air vents within the fabric itself. Airvent® fabric contributes and optimizes the good ventilating and moisture regulating properties of Cellspring® mattresses.


    Cellspring® always offers the right support, regardless the sleeping position

    Cellspring® mattresses combine high-quality foams and individually placed cylindrical steel springs in 4 comfort classes, they offer genuine 7 comfort zones. The individual and independent operation of each spring in the foam assures an active and effective support of your body in any sleeping position.



    All Cellspring® mattresses are available in medium and firm comfort rating; Cellspring® M 5045 and R 5045 also in soft version. In combination with 4 different comfort layers Cellspring® offers a matching sleeping comfort for everyone, from soft to firm, from pleasantly fresh to comfortable warm.


    Cellspring Duo-fit®

    Cellspring 4545, M 5045 and R 5045 are finished at the same height; all these mattresses can be combined with each other offering an impressive 18 Duo-fit® combinations. Real individual sleeping comfort for everybody!

    Cellspring® is quiet

    All cylindrical springs are individually placed in hundreds of cylindrical holes in the foam core. While turning or moving in your sleep, the springs will not touch each other and therefor will not make a sound which could disturb your sleep. Cellspring® mattresses do not make noise.


    Cellspring® is durable

    A Cellspring® mattress lasts longer. The combination of high-quality foams and cylindrical springs reinforce and strengthen each others durable properties. Its specific cylindrical shape and its individual positioning within the foam prevents the springs losing height compared to regular springs. The foam  on the other hand will retain its height better because of the carrying capacity of the springs.


    Cellspring® mattresses offer you an amazing long lasting solution with excellent individual comforts for relatively less money.


    Cellspring® is a perfect match for all types of bed bases

    Cellspring® mattresses can be combined with slatted bases, spiral bases or boxspring systems and are perfectly fit for adjustable bases as well.


    Cellspring mattress or deco mattress

    All Cellspring® mattresses are ideal for use in combination with our different Velda boxspring systems. Cellspring® D 3535 and D 4545 are available in all decorative fabrics of the Versus and Physio range.


    Boxspring beds including Cellspring® technology guarantee many comfortable nights of sleep. The excellent moisture and ventilating properties of Cellspring® are of major importance; they actively support the body, regardless of your sleeping position (side, back or abdomen).


    Versus 2C can be combined with all Cellspring® mattresses; the 3C version with the Cellspring® D 3535 model.


    Physio 2C can be combined with all Cellspring® mattresses; its 3C version with Cellspring D 4545.


    Cellspring "The best of both worlds"


    Ask your Velda sleep specialist for advice. He will be happy to help you make your choices, and will assist you with professional advice. 


  • Actilinea®

    Actilinea: tailor-made support

    Mattresses within the Actilinea concept have been developed in perfect harmony with the Actilinea slatted bases. The entire adjustable base requires adapted mattresses, for which the Actilinea app will guide you and will suggest a suitable solution to you in no time. 

    Superior comfort layer

    Above the core consisting of pocket-springs or latex, comfort layers in the revolutionary Pulse® latex ensure a unique experience. Pulse® latex acquires a unique cell structure due to its microwave production process that produces inside-outward structuring. This results in a unique sleeping comfort and a long life. In addition, it is the most ecological process in the latex market. 

    A story of springs and latex

    The mattresses of the Velda Actilinea collection are distinguished by the differences in their interiors and the finish of their covers. Thus, pocket-spring cores or latex cores are combined with comfort layers made of superior Pulse® latex. The mattresses are available in two different hardness levels: standard or firmer. 


    Your Velda Actilinea mattress is available in two finishes: Deluxe of Premium. In the Deluxe finishing, the cover is easily removable. Thanks to its unique washable wool, the cover can be washed without any problems up to 40°C. The Premium version, also with removable cover, offers the anti-allergenic Aegis Premium® finishing and is washable up to 60°C.


    Ask your Velda sleep specialist for advice. He will be happy to help you make your choices, and will assist you with professional advice.  


  • Velda Innergetic

    A unique latex blend

    Innergetic latex consists largely of natural latex. Natural latex is extremely resilient and yet very soft to the touch. The synthetic latex types added are the most advanced and high performance latex rubbers that are available. The Innergetic mixture is a unique blend. 

    Balanced resilience (hysteresis)

    The Innergetic mattress core has precisely this balanced resilience with an adequate cushioning action, which perfectly optimises the indentation in the mattress and adjusts to your body contours. At the same time, the Innergetic mattress core has superior resilience due to which you can change your body position without any limitations.

    A healthy sleeper twists and turns around 30 to 60 times during a night’s sleep. As a result, all vital organs can rest perfectly and the spine is thoroughly lubricated. The balanced resilience of an Innergetic mattress allows the sleeper to change his body position due to which the sleep pattern is never disturbed. 

    Very high durability

    An Innergetic mattress does not loose any of its resilience, firmness or progressive comfort during use. You will therefore experience perfect comfort from the first to the last day. 

    7 comfort zones

    All Innergetic mattresses have 7 comfort zones. The innergetic cores have been developed according to the recommendations of the Ergonomieinstitüt (Ergonomy Institute) in Munich.


    The structure of the Innergetic cores with these comfort zones ensures perfect adjustment to every sleeping position.


    Ask your Velda sleep specialist for advice. He will be happy to help you make your choices, and will assist you with professional advice. 


  • Velda Classic

    A story of springs

    The mattresses of the Velda Classic collection are distinguished by the differences in their interiors and the finishing of their covers. They combine one or more pocket-spring layers with comfort layers in superior latex or quality foam. The mattresses are available in three different hardness levels: soft, medium or firm. 

    The Base: 7 comfort zones, 3 wire thicknesses

    Each Velda Classic pocket-spring core has 7 comfortzones with 375 springs per m2 as a basic feature. It is composed of springs with three different wire thicknesses.


    For you, this means an even better ergonomic support for your body, and greater sleeping comfort. 

    Superior comfort layer

    In addition to the unique Classic 7 comfort zone core, comfort layers in revolutionary Pulse® latex or durable polyurethane foam ensure a unique experience.


    Pulse® latex acquires a unique cell structure due to its microwave production process that produces inside-outward structuring. This results in a unique sleeping comfort and a long life. In addition, it is the most ecological process in the latex market. 

    Optimal support

    The Emperor and the Grand Duc mattresses have extra layers of small Posturfil® pocket-springs on top of the standard Classic 7 zoned pocket-spring core. These small Posturfil® pocket-springs are housed in an elastic, breathable membrane that enables them to move with your body in all directions.


    The Velda Classic deco combinations also offer additional comfort, thanks to the interior of the related toppers in Pulse® latex, Innergetic® Latex or Visco memory foam. 


    Your Velda Classic mattress is available in three finishes: ClassicDeluxe or Premium.


    The Classic finishing offers you an external tufted mattress with high quality Belgian Damask, according to traditional techniques.


    The Deluxe finishing offers a removable cover. Thanks to its unique washable wool, this cover can be washed without any problems up to 30°C.


    The Premium finishing also offers a removable cover which is washable up to 30°C. This finishing also offers the Aegis Premium® protection.


    Ask your Velda sleep specialist for advice. He will be happy to help you make your choices, and will assist you with professional advice. 


  • Velda Pocket

    Pocket-spring core with 7 comfort zones

    Your Velda Pocket-spring mattress is built around a core with 300 springs per m2, distributed over 7 comfort zones, available in a normal or a firmer version. 

    Extremely comfortable thanks to high point elasticity

    The springs are individually wrapped inside fabric pockets that are bonded together in the centre. As a result, each spring can respond independently, thereby offering optimum support at all times.


    Your Velda Pocket mattress is finished at the top and at the base with a comfort layer in perforated latex, visco memory foam or soft HR foam for exceptional adjustment to the body contours. 

    Lasting elasticity

    The 6-turn springs are made of hardened steel with an extra high level of carbon (Hi-carbon) to ensure maximum elasticity and durability. 

    Maximum ventilation and stable comfort

    Ventilating channels in HR foam around the spring cores ensure maximum ventilation and stable sleeping comfort. They prevent the sleeper from rolling off the bed and offer high flexibility combined with an adjustable bed base. 


    Your Velda Pocket mattress can be supplied in two finishes: wool or anti-allergenic.


    Ask your Velda sleep specialist for advice. He will be happy to help you make your choices, and will assist you with professional advice. 


  • Velda Latex

    Latex mattress cores

    Latex mattress cores are manufactured with the classic vulcanisation process. In this process, a mixture of natural and synthetic latex is mixed with air and then cast into a steel mould. This mixture is heated to 80°C to ensure the vulcanisation of the latex mixture, to form a dimensionally stable latex core. 

    Monobloc core with multi-comfort zones

    The entire Velda Latex mattress core is manufactured in one single block (MONOBLOCK) with bilateral symmetry. The cores are anti-allergenic and anti-bacterial. The blocks have multi-comfort zones to ensure optimum adjustment to the body contours (shoulder, lower back, pelvis, knee) as well as vertical and horizontal ventilation channels to ensure perfect moisture management. 

    Smooth, durable and lasting elasticity

    Latex mattresses mould themselves excellently according to the body contours and simultaneously offer good support to the entire body. They also offer lasting elasticity. Ideal when combined with an (adjustable) slatted base with corresponding comfort zones. 


    Your Velda Latex mattress is available in two finishes: wool or anti-allergenic.


    Ask your Velda sleep specialist for advice. He will be happy to help you make your choices, and will assist you with professional advice. 



  • Aegis Premium

    Lasting hygienic and fresh sleeping comfort

    Aegis Premium is a high-tech coating that coats the fibres of the mattress fabric and of the comfort layer as well. Micro-organisms (bacteria and fungi) that come into contact with this coating cannot grow further.


    Aegis Premium is a high-quality brand for high-tech mattresses, with covers and underlying comfort layers with the following characteristics: anti-microbial, anti-dust mite, moisture regulation. 





    Optimal protection against dust mites and micro-organisms

    Aegis Premium also creates an environment in which the dust mites cannot grow further. The dust mites require micro-organisms in its food cycle. Its excrement causes 25% of all allergies and 50% of all asthmatic diseases.


    Aegis Premium disrupts the growth of bacteria and fungi that are the most significant cause of bad odours in your sleeping comfort. 

    Optimum moisture regulation

    For thermal comfort, it is also important that moisture is removed rapidly, because you quickly lose body heat to a damp environment.


    The mattress ticking has a Passerelle coating, and the topmost layer of the comfort padding consists of Climawatt fibres. This exceptional combination of mattress cover and comfort padding ensures excellent moisture absorption and rapid diffusion of the moisture over a larger surface of the mattress. The transported moisture can therefore evaporate more quickly and efficiently. 

    Lasting luxurious feeling

    Aegis Premium was developed using sustainable eco-technologies and consists of an ultra-fine coating that is permanently attached to the surface of the fibres of the mattress cover and the comfort layer. The microclimate remains pleasant during your princely sleep.


    Ask your Velda sleep specialist for advice. He will be happy to help you make your choices, and will assist you with professional advice. 


  • Available sizes

    Velda mattresses are available in:


      Satisfied with your choice? Then contact a Velda sleep specialist in your area.