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Velda Rock 'n Rest

With Rock & Rest, Velda has responded to the growing demand for large, comfort-able beds. Just as with the Versus collection, you can assemble your Rock & Rest sleeping combination in six easy steps.

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Velda Rock 'n Rest

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  • Your Rock 'n Rest in 6 steps
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  • Your Rock 'n Rest in 6 steps

    Ready? Start! 

    Assemble your high-quality and extra large single Velda boxspring in 6 easy steps.


    Step 1. Flat or electrically adjustable

    Select a flat version with a traditional, firmer Bonnell innerspring or an electrically adjustable version with pocket-springs.







    Step 2. Two or three layers

    You can choose between a classic boxspring arrangement + mattress (2C), or if you are a ‘Scandinavian sleeping’ enthusiast, you may choose  a boxspring + Deco mattress + topper (3C).


    The 2C and 3C deco mattress offer a 7-zone pocket-spring and comfort layers in durable HR foam.


    If the 3C combination is selected, the topper generally has a durable HR foam core.







    Step 3. Select the dimensions of your boxspring

    Select the size of your bed : in width and length.

    80, 90, 100 or even 120* cm wide, 2 m long, or would you rather have 2m10?

    * A width of 120 cm can be provided subject to an extra cost.


    Step 4. Select the headboard

    Select one of the two standard models and the height. Finally, decide whether your headboard should match or be  wider than your bed.










    Step 5. Select the fabric or the Leather look

    Select your personal boxspring from more than 35 furnishing fabrics or 7 different leather looks.




    Step 6. Select the legs

    Would you prefer wooden or aluminium legs? Wenge, oak, aluminium or black?

    4 feet under every bed, or would you rather have just one leg at every corner? You decide !


  • Options

    Finishing according to your own taste

    In order to finish your personal Velda boxspring, the Velda Rock & Rest product range offers you the following options:


    Extra comfort

    The standard HR comfort layers in the mattress and the topper can be changed to latex or visco memory foam quality. The standard length of your Velda Rock & Rest boxspring can be adjusted up to 220 cm.



    Velda Rock & Rest also offers you several accessories such as night tables, foot rest, footboard and special legs.








    These options can be supplied at extra cost.  


    Ask your Velda Rock & Rest sleep specialist for advice.

    He will be happy to help you make your choices, and will assist you with professional advice.


  • Available sizes

    Velda Rock ‘n Rest is available in:



    Satisfied with your choice? Then contact a Velda Rock 'n Rest sleep specialist in your area.